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Honor Roll

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Meryl & Stewart Ain
Terry Schimek & Wayne Barnstone
Judy & Richard Berg
Debbie & Mitchell Biederman
Jill & Mark Cohen
Mona & Stephen Goldstein
Ellen & Steve Greenberg
Robin & Doug Horn
Rabbi Ian Jacknis
Paula & Ron Jasser
Gail & Gerry Jospa
Arlene & Jerry Kleinstein
Amy & David Kornblau
Susan Lustig
Melvin Meyer

Steven Moskowitz
Rondiene & Keith Novitz
Alexis & Salvatore Perrotta
Joel Rabine
Murray Radzanower
Teri & Jared Robins
Erika & Richard Safran
Janet Sampson
Anne-Marie & Steven Saunders
Sheryl & Hank Sessa
Emily & Brett Topel
Myra & Harry Wagner
Andrew Weiss
Erika & Ken Witover

Honorable Mentions

Gloria Safran
Hank & Sheryl Sessa
Donald & Beryl Fischer
Dr. Stephen & Ellen Greenberg

We honor the memory and legacy of our Founders Diane & Jerry Thurer. Were it not for their vision and generosity, The Lend A Hand Project might not have ever come to be. We are proud to continue their noble work to make the world a kinder place for people in Long Island experiencing unfathomable challenges.*

* Should you wish to donate to honor the Thurer Family please indicate so in the "Special Instructions" section of the website or in a note sent to the office with your check.