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Our Programs

The Lend A Hand Project offers our donors an opportunity to help make the world a kinder, gentler place by providing a variety of programs to assist and support vulnerable people and communities on Long Island. We go beyond the average nonprofit by initially reviewing individuals based upon a carefully constructed list of needs-based criteria.

The Lend a Hand Project makes it possible to give in a way that is personal and dignified. Aside from our Angel Program and our other Mothers Program, we offer our Sponsor Exchange Program that matches donors with people in our LAHP family experiencing chronic need to send packages, gift cards and other support at least four times per year. This program is more than just sending financial support and material items – it is about showing people that there is a community that cares about them. Exchanging notes and letters is often powerful – if not more powerful – than giving items. It is about being a friend. These relationships can be created anonymously should there be a request for privacy.

“LAHP has been so generous with us over the years we are so grateful. The kindness of strangers helping those who are in need, from enabling us to buy new sneakers or glasses or food or school supplies. Your organization has helped us more than we can even explain. Just knowing there are people that care and were willing to help made a very big difference even mentally, not just materially. It has been a difficult year for everyone. I am hoping that next year things will turn around for us. If you believe in miracles or prayers, please keep us in them and hope things will finally be better for all of us in the future. Danika “



The average family with two children spent approximately $700 on school supplies in 2018. In 2021-2022 that number is expected to increase to $1,200 as schools rely more on tablets, phones, and laptops to deliver content and instruction. The Lend a Hand Project supports children in several impactful and personal ways:

  • Backpack program – Backpacks filled with school supplies are provided to more than 400 children at the beginning of each school year.
  • Birthdays - Each child receives a gift card on his/her birthday to help them celebrate and feel special.
  • Holidays - We partner with individuals, schools and other community organizations to provide holiday gift cards and gifts for children in our Lend a Hand Project Family. For many of the almost 400 children LAHP serves, these are the only gifts that they receive.



Long Island is home to almost 500,000 senior citizens. Some of them reside independently, and some live in nursing homes. Many have no resources or remaining family members to provide for basic needs, food, and socialization.

The Lend a Hand Project offers financial assistance as well as a consistent social-emotional lifeline. We work with local nursing homes, families, and facilities to identify elderly individuals in need of support. We have a large group of elderly individuals that receive quarterly gift cards to enable them to have the dignity of choice and buy themselves items that they want and need. In addition, we strive to identify urgent situations of need and help find solutions and emergency resources. During COVID this involved providing them with technology to Facetime and Zoom with loved ones to help combat unprecedented isolation and loneliness; as well as other personalized support.



The Lend a Hand Project has a longstanding relationship with the Long Island State Veterans Hospital and the residents there who have tirelessly served our country. We have partnered with them to provide supplemental support and meet unique needs of Veterans that otherwise remain unfulfilled. We look to find creative ways to diminish their loneliness and connect them with family and community. Whether it is a cell phone or a monthly manicure, we strive to enhance their daily lives and contribute to their mental and physical well-being. We are just a phone call away.



Despite being some of the strongest and most resilient people you will ever meet, Holocaust Survivors, who are mostly in their 80's and 90's, often suffer from trauma, isolation, and unprecedented loneliness. Long Island is home to hundreds of Holocaust Survivors, some living below the poverty line. We work to identify Survivors who are in need of extra support.  We have a team of volunteers dedicated to celebrating them in creative and impactful ways. Through telephone calls, friendly visits and gifting throughout the year, we engage and connect them, and allow them to feel valued, loved and appreciated. We have created a community of joy.

“You bring sunshine to my days and joy to my thoughts. I cannot believe how fortunate I am this late in life to have found you. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I never knew that something like this could exist.” C.R.



We have focused significant time and attention to be responsive to the needs of mothers who are experiencing situations of unique vulnerability and in some cases abuse. We help with formula, diapers and wipes and other larger requests that lighten their load and make them feel valued and appreciated.


Our Family Support Programs are designed for individuals and families with different kinds of ongoing challenges by providing financial support as well as a sense of connection to a larger, caring community. The Lend a Hand Project matches donors and members providing a unique, personal and enriching connection. We have also created specialty programs that deal with urgent situations as well as changes in circumstances. In fulfilling our mission, we have come to realize that it is much more than just financial and includes psychological and emotional factors which is often compounded by other hardships: mental and physical disability, isolation, homelessness, old age, abuse, addiction, hunger, fear and vulnerability.

We impact the member's daily life in a way that provides for dignity and personal choice.